Bio Innovation Conference | Martin Rosendale
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Martin Rosendale

Martin Rosendale

Chief Executive Officer, Maryland Life Sciences

Martin is the Chief Executive Officer of the Maryland Tech Council, a partner with Newport LLC, and a partner at WMCS Investments. An engineer turned microbiologist and industry leader, Martin is passionate about the human and business value of technology, life sciences, and biotechnology. A five-time CEO and twice company founder, his experience spans public, private and not-for-profit businesses. He has launched, branded, acquired or commercialized more than 10 products and companies. Over 30 years of experience, and a strong drive to achieve and help, enable Martin to work through complexity toward insight and solutions to grow businesses.

Martin has raised equity capital for public and private companies and non-dilutive capital through strategic partnerships. He led a biotherapeutics company through a period of hyper growth taking the company from first sale to $200 million in annual revenue in three years. He worked with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to establish Medicare reimbursement for a complex product category. He also facilitated the merger of the two largest technology industry organizations in Maryland, forming the Maryland Tech Council and strengthening its industry presence.

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