Bio Innovation Conference | Subhendu Basu Ph.D.
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Subhendu Basu Ph.D.

Subhendu Basu Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer, Adaptive Phage Therapeutics

Dr. Basu is COO at Adaptive Phage Therapeutics (APT), a company that is developing biological treatments to combat infectious diseases. APT’s novel and adaptive approach overcomes the Achilles heel of traditional ‘fixed’ methods of combating bacterial infections, that inevitably lead to the emergence of drug resistance –

Prior to joining APT, Dr. Basu headed Scientific Affairs at Emergent BioSolutions Inc. and oversaw technical diligence for all acquisition and in-licensing activities. During his tenure at Emergent, Dr. Basu was integral to M&A in excess of $1B that resulted in the addition of 10 marketed products and multiple pipeline assets, that included vaccines, therapeutics and drug-device combination products.

Subhendu received his PhD in Immunology and Pathology from the University of Maryland, School of Medicine and was Assistant Professor at the Center for Vaccine Development prior to transitioning to biopharma.