Bio Innovation Conference | Anne Lindblad, Ph.D.
Presented by Maryland Life Sciences, a division of the Maryland Tech Council, the Bio Innovation Conference is driving the future of life sciences in Maryland. This conference provides a forum for professionals from industry, academia and government to discuss trends and insight into Maryland’s burgeoning life sciences industry and topics related to funding, structuring, commercialization and government relations.
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Anne Lindblad, Ph.D.

Anne Lindblad, Ph.D.

Former President and CEO, The Emmes Company, LLC

Dr Lindblad is the former President and CEO of Emmes, a global Contract Research Organization founded in 1977 with over 800 staff members serving both Industry and government clients. Dr. Lindblad is a biostatistician with more than 38 years of experience supporting clinical research projects. As the President and CEO of Emmes, Dr. Lindblad was responsible for providing strategic leadership for the company by working with the Board and other management personnel to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies.

Dr Lindblad has supported clinical research throughout her career, serving as Principal Investigator of projects spanning diverse disease areas, including oncology, dialysis, transplantation, ophthalmology, speech and hearing, dentistry, and neurology. She has co-authored numerous publications in each of these areas, presented at scientific conferences and taught courses in clinical trials. She has witnessed first-hand the challenges in conducting sound research. From this experience, she has contributed to the literature in such fields as patient-reported outcome development, central statistical monitoring as part of a risk-based monitoring plan, disease classification systems, and barriers to recruiting for clinical trials.

Dr. Lindblad has a PhD in Statistics from George Washington University, a Masters degree in Biostatistics from the Medical College of Virginia, VA Commonwealth University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics from Hollins College.